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Max Drone Photos Welcomes You

My name is Max Dodek, and I am a 15 year old Entrepreneur. I have created cards from photos that I took with my drone. I as well am offering to take family portraits of families, as well as take photos over people's houses.

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Photos of beautiful British Columbia

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Why Did I Start This Business

All my life I have been yearning to start a business. The idea of taking risks, and the possibility to make lots of money, donate lots of it, and make the world a better  place, always spoke to me. I don't want to start a business only so I can become rich, but to as well do good with my money that I make.

My Position Statement

For people who enjoy beautiful photos, and want to have amazing photos on cards, or a printed out photograph, Max Drone Photos is a photography company that takes Aerial Photos, and makes them into cards. Unlike most professional photographers, or companies that sell cards, Max Drone Photos takes personalized photos, and prints them on to cards, or just as a photo, at an affordable price and great quality.

What I Have To Offer?

I sell both cards from drone photos that I took, or custom made cards. I as well offer to take family portraits, and then either print it onto a card for them, or print it to be hung up on their wall.

Go to 'Service Bookings' at the top of of my websites to book a service. Or you can email me.

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